PT gazEgaz Pasifik Internasional is
an e-commerce company that provides
a digital trading platform.

This sophisticated tool is for buyer and seller in the energy and mining industry to be connected in a simple way, costless and timeless.

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GazEgaz is a pioneer company that creates an e-Commerce portal with a specialization of products used in the operations of the Energy and Mining Industries. Refer to complicated process of procurement of goods and services in the business which is one of the obstacles in daily operation support, GazEgaz brings the concept “Simplify, Costless and Timeless” to reduce the obstacles.

Why gazEgaz?

Customer Oriented

Customer satisfaction related to products and services are become our first priority.

Team Work

We believe great teamwork can achieve an extraordinary results.


We uphold the value of honesty and professionalism to establish our standard of integrity.

Vision & Mission



We aim to become a leading company which provides procurement tools for goods and services, especially for Energy and Mining Industry that enable hundreds of consumers and producers to interact and transact simplify, costless and timeless.


  • We enable customers to transform their purchasing cycle from complicated into simple process.
  • We provide technology in portal basis to help customers and producers to leverage the power of internet to facilitate the transaction process.
  • We give advantages for producers in saving marketing costs as it comes with business intelligences dashboards.
  • We are committed to keep up with changes that can mature our system with latest innovations.



Customers - Energy and Mining Industry Companies

  • Helps consumer in the procurement process of goods and services in an easy, simple and efficient way.
  • Selection of good is easier since it provides a product comparison tools from each producers.
  • More transparent in conducting transactions and accountable.

Producers – Energy and Mining Services Company

  • Helps producers to reduce marketing costs.
  • Get the facility to analyze market data based on all transaction activities in our portal.
  • Enable to increase sales by using our business intelligence dashboard.