Time Line Company History

GazEgaz Memperingati HUT RI yang ke 74

16 AGUSTUS 2019


22 MARET 2019

Berkembang pesatnya teknologi, perlahan membuat industri manufaktur di Indonesia beralih menggunakan tenaga robotik untuk melakukan tugas repetitif yang akurat di berbagai industri manufaktur. Selain efisien, tenaga robotik juga bisa meminimalisir H u m a n E r r o r yang masih sering ditemui didalam industri manufaktur yang masih menggunakan tenaga manusia. Banyaknya industri manufaktur di Indonesia membuka peluang pasar yang besar bagi raksasa manufaktur robotik untuk berlomba-lomba memasarkan produknya. ABB sebagai salah satu raksasa manufaktur dan supplier robotik gencar memasarkan produknya di Indonesia.


22 MARET 2019

Yayasan Gazegaz Peduli Bangsa (GazLisa) adalah Yayasan yang didirikan oleh alumni Gazegaz Pasifik Internasional dan segenap tokoh filantropi yang memiliki fokus pada kebutuhan sosial masyarakat melalui dukungan terhadap pendidikan, pemberdayaan masyarakat, dan peningkatan kualitas hidup. Bertempat di Surabaya, 22 Maret 2019, Ketua Dewan Pembina GazLisa, Prof. Dr. Satya Arinanto, SH., MH. berkesempatan melakukan launching Yayasan GazLisa disertai dengan penandatanganan MoU kerjasama dengan Yayasan Galima SMADA 84 dalam rangka menjalankan program kerja sosial dan kemanusiaan untuk Indonesia melalui acara Gazegaz Berbagi @ Surabaya.


30 JANUARI 2019

Dalam rangka menghadapi fenomena tersebut, Ikatan Ahli Fasilitas Produksi Minyak dan Gas Indonesia (IAFMI) mengadakan acara CEO Talk dengan tajuk utama “E-commerce Masa Depan Dunia Migas Indonesia” pada tanggal 29 Januari 2019. Acara yang dilangsungkan di Dharmawangsa, Jakarta Selatan ini juga dihadiri oleh para pemangku kepentingan dunia migas dari KKKS, vendor, dan Kontraktor Migas Indonesia serta SKK Migas.


24 OKTOBER 2018

As a new startup company, GazEgaz would like to introduce our business project in the energy and mining industry. GazEgaz is the first petroleum oil and gas platform in Indonesia that fully supports Government program in the context of empowering domestic industries and product (TKDN).



GazEgaz Employee Signing Pakta Integritas

GazEgaz Data Analytics and Machine Learning Workshop

23 AUGUST 2018

GazEgaz first in-house workshop about data analytics and machine learning.The instructor is Mr.Aryo as the GazEgaz Head of IT Division.

GazEgaz join the Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2018

14 AUGUST 2018

As a part of the e-commerce business in Indonesia, GazEgaz would like to discover new things in this industry. We will never stop learning to build a better future.

GazEgaz Soft Launching

17 JULY 2018

GazEgaz is the first interactive digital trading platform in Indonesia which fully supports the development of domestic industry (pro-TKDN) as well as answering the needs of real-time procurement processes in the Energy and Mining Industry.

GazEgaz Meeting with PT. NOW Indonesia

22 JUNE 2018

GazEgaz introduction to PT. NOW Indonesia

GazEgaz Meeting with Petrochina

31 MAY 2018

As a start, gazEgaz will be cooperating with Petrochina Jabung Ltd. It is an honor to having Petrochina as our first user.

Coordination meeting with DHL for the integration system

16 MAY 2018

gazEgaz was having a coordination meeting to discuss our partnership scheme with DHL for the integration system. DHL will be the gazEgaz shipping provider

gazEgaz Office Expansion

27 MARCH 2018

gazEgaz providing the IT Team an amazing office space for a productive development centre.

gazEgaz Dinner Discussion with IAFMI

13 MARCH 2018

gazEgaz was having a great discussion with the Ikatan Ahli Fasilitas Produksi Minyak dan Gas Bumi Indonesia (IAFMI).

Initial Technical discussion with PT FInnet Indonesia

01 MARCH 2018

PT. Finnet Indonesia was established in 2005. Three outstanding business portfolios are Bill Payment Aggregator, Electronic Payment Platform and Online Payment Solutions. As a new company, gazEgaz will set a collaboration with Finnet to serving users. GazEgaz would like to provide a convenience platform to customers and producers.

Legal & Intellectual Proprietary Discussion with JFT Team

21 FEBRUARY 2018

One of the experts who play an important role in the establishment of gazEgaz is the experts in the field of law which is Juan Felix Tampubolon and Partners (Advocates and Counsel).

Mr. Hardiono officially be the gazEgaz Independent Commissioner

20 FEBRUARY 2018

We are not complete yet without a solid full team. Mr. Hardiono is an expert in the oil and gas industry. It is a pleasure for gazEgaz to have him in our team.

Marketing & Business Development Morning Talk

14 FEBRUARY 2018

gazEgaz has a big dream which means that the team must prepare a really good strategy. To provide a professional services for our users, we arrange a morning talk.

eCommerce Workshop for Team Member

12 FEBRUARY 2018

Taking an active role in IT especially e-commerce, gazEgaz believes that never stop learning becomes one of the most important elements that need to be done by the gazEgaz internal team.

Strategic Discussion on Development Roadmap

06 FEBRUARY 2018

In terms to build a professional attitude in our management system, we always have the progress report. It is not only to monitor our performances at work, but it is also used as our time keeper; to let us set our own strategy to complete our own mission.

Initial Establishment Development Workshop

31 JANUARY 2018

E-commerce business is in the spotlight of our society due to the rampant development of technology in this digital era. Team must have to know about what is going on in this business environment, how to build a strong base and make a great influence in the future technology.

Initial start-up of Development Team

19 JANUARY 2018

A success company is based on how strong the foundation is. One of the strongest foundations of an outstanding company is the workforce that contributes actively to build an amazing business development. By having a great start, team will increase the performances because here, in gazEgaz we can explore our skills and knowledge. Creativity will lead the way!

Officially Listed at the Regus Office

01 DECEMBER 2017

Our central office is ready to welcome the employee.

Establishment of PT. gazEgaz Pasifik Internasional

27 NOVEMBER 2017

The history of the establishment of gazEgaz in the beginning is from the needs of both parties, between customers and producers to have a place where they can find each other (found and to be found). This concept inspires the gazEgaz founder to build a digital trading platform and here it is, gazEgaz!

Initial discussion on digital trading platform concept

06 NOVEMBER 2017

The selection of the right concept with the right experts and the right leaders has a positive impact on gazEgaz.

Final Logo

01 OCTOBER 2017

gazEgaz official logo ready to publish